Chapter 2 Operations Strategy in a Global Environment

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Chapter 2 Operations Strategy in a Global Environment
1 Reasons for global operations
1.1 Improve the supply chain


  • Locate in countries with: -Low cost labor -Raw material.
1.2 Reduce costs


  • -Less stringent goverment regulations. -Cut taxes and tariffs. Thanks of Free Trade agreements.
1.3 Improve operations


  • Learn from better understanding of differences in the business is handle in different countries. Reduce response time to meet customers changing product and service requirements.
1.4 Undestarnd markets


  • .-Diversity of their customer base. -Expand the life cycle
1.5 Improve products
1.6 Attract and retain global talent
2 Competing on differentitation
2.1 Distinguishing as adding value.
2.1.1 Broad product line
2.2 Experience economy
2.3 Providing uniqueness beyond
2.3.1 Physical Innovative design
2.3.2 Service After sales service
3 Competing on cost
3.1 Use of financial sources effective
3.2 Cost advantages
3.2.1 Low overhead
3.2.2 Effective capacity use Southwest airlines
3.2.3 Inventory managment Walmart distribution
3.3 Low cost leadership


  • Achieving maximum value as perceived by the customer
4 Competing on response
4.1 Flexible
4.1.1 match changes in markertplace HP
4.2 Reliable
4.2.1 scheduling FedEx
4.3 Quick
4.3.1 Pizza Hut 5 minutes
5 Product life cycle
6 Key Succes factors
6.1 of 1 Activities that are necessary for a firm to achieve its goals.
7 Core competencies
7.1 Skills
7.2 Talents
7.2.1 World class standard
7.3 Capabilities
8 Factor-rating analysis (outsourcing)
8.1 Increased techological expertise
8.2 More reliable and cheaper transportation
8.3 Rapid development and deployment of advancements in TELECOM
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