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1 1920: Telephone Exchange System patent was issued in Canada by The International Western Electric Company & The Western Electric Company
1.1 1925: The International Western Electric Company (except Canada) was sold to the International Telephone & Telegraph Company (ITT).
1.1.1 1926: ITT bought Standard Telephone and Cables Ltd (STC) September 1948: Patent issued for Radio Beacon Transmitter September 1960: Patent issued for Colour Television apparatus September 1962: Patent issued for R-F tuning system utilized in television receivers August 1967: Patent issued for communication systems (telephone systems) June 1971: Land-To-Mobile Telephone Link patent issued in Canada Nov 1973: Patent issued for a Telecommunication Systems June 1974: Telephone Calls Simulator patent issued 1996: Company renamed ITT Industries, Inc. 2006: changed its name to ITT Corporation
1.2 1925: The engineering department of Western Electric was incorporated as the Bell Telephone Laboratories
1.2.1 1926: Produced equipment that made sound motion picture practicable 1927: Gave first public demo of telephone by wire to the secretary of state Herbert Hoover 1928: Production of step-by-step and panel dial switching equipment to replace manual central office equipment 1931: Bell System inaugurated teletypewriter exchange service whereby any subscriber in the TWX network could be switched to any other subscriber 1935: Walter Gifford, AT&T president, called T.G. Mille, Vice President of Long Lines became the first around the world telephone conversation 1935: Began work on the handset telephone, 1937: Handset telephone introduced and trial began for a crossbar which greatly improved the speed of telephone calls which made direct dialing a reality. 1938: First crossbar office at Troy Avenue in Brooklyn, NY 1949: TV and DATAPHONE services introduced 1954: Color Telephones introduced 1958: CALL DIRECTOR introduced 1960: Princess telephone introduced 1963: Trimline telephone & telephone set for Touch-Tone introduced 1984: American Bell, Bell Labs and Western Electric were fully taken over by AT&T, when then becomes AT&T Technologies, Inc. The Telecommunications Act of 1996, allowed any communications company to compete in each others market. Therefore, AT&T to created a three way merger and created Lucent Technologies Alcatal-Lucent was created in 2006 through the merger of Lucent Technologies and Alcatel 1946: Bell Systems introduce first mobile telephone system 1939: The Federal Government authorized Western Electric to proceed with the manufacture of Signal Corps test tests (first major contract with World War II) Western Electric Company sells 16,000,000 of its shares to its employees on oct 29, 1929 1941: Remaining shares of Western Electric Company are retired 1927: Telephone service began between Mexico and the United States 1924: Partnered up with Warner Bros to form the Vitaphone Corporation, to experiment in the production and ound motion pictures 1926: Developed a mobile communication system for New York police department
2 In 1914, the Bell Telephone Company of Canada and the Imperial Wire & Cable Company Limited joined to form The Northern Electric Company Limited. Western Electric owned 44% of this company.
2.1 1956: Western Electric ended its patent and licensing relationship with Northern Electric
2.1.1 A lawsuit is filed against Western Electric which forces the company to sell its share in Northern Electric in 1956 to Bell Canada.. Northern Electric is no longer connected to Western Electric.
2.1.2 1959: Northern Electric Research and Development Laboratories is established 1964: Bell owned 100% of Northern Electric 1971: Northern Electric Laboratories became Bell-Northern Research (BNR), jointly owned by Bell Canada and Northern Electric. BNR began developing an electronic switching system, which came to market in 1972 BNR in Canada was equally owned by Bell Canada (50%) and Northern Electric (50%), which became Nortel in 1995 1996: Nortel conssumed a majority share in BNR in 2009: Nortel files for bankruptcy, and sells off assets. 1990: Electronic Controlled Machining Circuit patent issued
3 1869: Western Electric was founded by Elisha Gray & Enos M. Barton
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