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Finding Zasha


Finding Zasha Mind Map
Mind Map by madeline.newkirk5764, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by madeline.newkirk5764 over 6 years ago

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Finding Zasha
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Cause-- The siege on Leningrad
      1. Conflict/Problem Ivan having to leave home
      2. Theme
        1. How brought out in book-- Ivan has been sent from his home (Leningrad) because his mom wants whats best for him
          1. Message/Theme To be happy for what you have
          2. Setting
            1. Time--1941
              1. Place/Location Russia
              2. Characters
                1. Name--Auntie
                  1. Characteristics
                    1. Wise
                      1. Humble
                    2. Name--Ivan
                      1. Characteristics
                        1. Brave
                          1. Stubborn
                      2. By: Randi Barrow
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