Alterations in cognition

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Alteration in cognition

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Alterations in cognition
1 Sensory
2 Motor
3 Cognitive / Consciousness
3.1 Arousal (Awake Action Active)
3.1.1 Mediates Reticular-activating system / Alteration Confusion Delirium / Confused Thinking / Reduced awareness environment Disorientation Lethargy Obtundation Stupor Coma Brain Death Cerebral Death
3.2 Awareness (Self Environment mood)
3.2.1 Alteration Dysmnesia /Low O2 /Low blood / Toxins Chemicals Hippocampus/Temporal Lobe Anterograde amnesia Rehabilation Retrograde amnesia Agnosis Inability to recognize things tactile/visual/auditory Aphasia Problem with language Dysphasia (Speech Impairement) Expressive (Express) Receptive (Understanding)
3.2.2 Alzheimers Leading cause of dimensia Irreversible
3.2.3 Dimentia - Failure of cerebral function Group of symptoms that affect memory and reasoning
3.2.4 Seizure Disorder Seizure Grand mal seizure Absence seizure Status epilepticus Lasting more than 5 minutes Epilepy Multiple Seizures Convulsion Movements
3.3 Cerebral Hemodynamics
3.3.1 Increased cerebral blood flow Brain herniation
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