Types of Data

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Joe Watts
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Mind Map on Types of Data, created by Joe Watts on 10/01/2015.

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Types of Data
  1. Numbers
    1. Advantages
      1. you can do calculations on the computer
        1. Manage customs
          1. the computer uses binary so its faster
          2. Disadvantages
            1. people may not understand binery
              1. Can get complecated
            2. Images
              1. Advantages
                1. images on the computer are very accurate
                  1. there are lots of images available
                  2. Disadvantages
                    1. hard to create yourself
                      1. hard to find specific images
                    2. Text
                      1. Data made up of words or symbols
                        1. Advantages
                          1. You are able to use spell check
                            1. Grammar check
                              1. Usually faster than writing
                              2. Disadvantages
                                1. there is often human error
                                  1. sometimes the words will be changed to the American spelling
                                2. Sound
                                  1. Advantages
                                    1. podcasts
                                      1. music
                                      2. Disadvantages
                                        1. not always good quailty
                                          1. not available to everyone
                                        2. Boolean Values
                                          1. Advantages
                                            1. quick
                                              1. straight to the point
                                              2. Disadvantages
                                                1. not detailed
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