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Story of Siddhartha


this is a mind map for my assesment i hope it helps you
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Story of Siddhartha
  1. Sid
    1. born around 560 bc
      1. his mother was queen maya and his father was Raja Shuddhodana
        1. he was born in Lumbini
        2. before birth
          1. his mother dreamt of a white elephant with 6 tusks and a head the colour of rubies
            1. a fortune teller told his parents that he was going to be a rich ruler or a penniless Sadhu (holy man)
            2. birth
              1. earthquakes and flowers appeared out of season surrounding his birth
                1. Sid was born out her right side
                  1. his mother died 7 days after the birth and he was brought up by his aunt who married his dad
                  2. dads dilemma
                    1. his father wanted him to be successful
                      1. his dad done everything to stop Sid being interesed in religion
                        1. his plan was to shield Sid from any pain , suffering and death so he thought if Sid only lived a life of joy and riches he would never become the Sadhu
                          1. Sid lived a spoilt life he was kept in the palace all the dead leaves and flowers were swept away so Sid would not have seen death
                          2. childhood in the palace
                            1. he mastered all subjects
                              1. he was an excellent bowmen but when his cousin shoot down a bird Sid looked after it and saved it from dying
                                1. at 16 years old he married Yasodhara and they had a son called Rahula this name means chains
                                2. leaving the palace
                                  1. he left the palace and went to the city
                                    1. he saw four signs / sights he saw an old person and thought we all get old he saw an ill person and thought we all get ill a dead person and thought we all die and a holy man { Sadhu} and thought we can all be happy without money
                                    2. he then realized that life involves all 4 sights he gave his life up as a prince and set of to find why people suffer he was 29 years old
                                    3. becoming a holyman
                                      1. after seeing the 4 signs he travelled to find the answers
                                        1. he was persuaded to live in self denial a life of extreme ascetic for 6 years but still could not find the answer
                                          1. he gave up the hard life and went the middle way not living in poverty or luxury
                                          2. enlightment
                                            1. one day under a bdhi tree sid became deeply involved in meditation and reflected on his ife experiances
                                              1. he sat under the tree for 12 hours trying to be enlightened
                                                1. he ignored all temptations from the devil mara and his semi naked daughters
                                                  1. he needed a witness to prove to mara he had not moved from under the tree so Naga who is the spirit of the lake formed as a cobra saying he sat their
                                                  2. now as the Buddha
                                                    1. the first people that he told his knowledge to was the 5 ascetics they could tell Sid was coming to them . the ascetics were his first followers
                                                      1. they travelled teaching more people mainly monks
                                                        1. for 45 years he carried on travelling and teaching and he was a leader of a large religious movement and was well known throughout northen India
                                                        2. death
                                                          1. he died of food poisoning at Kusinger surrounded by his followers
                                                            1. he was cremated
                                                              1. his bones that were left over from the cremation were taken to speacial places with stupas ( monuments over the bones)
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