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Speak mind map


story elements
Ashlyn Gray
Mind Map by Ashlyn Gray, updated more than 1 year ago
Ashlyn Gray
Created by Ashlyn Gray over 6 years ago

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Speak mind map
  1. 2010
    1. High school
      1. Melinda
        1. Heather
          1. Mom
          2. David
            1. Rachel
              1. Dad
                1. Mr.Freeman
      2. By: Laurie Anderson
        1. She does not Speak up to anyone
          1. So Melinda is getting bulled and she will not speak up
            1. Melinda had know friends besides Heather she had one friend but they got in to a big fight
              1. Heather is trying to get Melinda in to get new friend but she never will and she is getting bulled
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