The Maze Runner

Michael Fenwick
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Michael Fenwick
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Michael Fenwick's Old Yeller Mind Map

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The Maze Runner
1 Main conflict
1.1 Thomas and the other teenagers are trapped in the maze with deadly creatures they call "Greivers" just outside the giant concrete wall that protects them.
1.1.1 Conflict/Problem
1.2 Cause
1.2.1 The "Creators" put them in the maze to "test" them
2 Theme
2.1 How brought out in book
2.1.1 When Thomas first arrives and for the first couple of days he described the "glade" which was the place where everybody lived, ate, and slept.
2.2 The teenagers are trapped inside a big "mossy" maze and most of them are confined to the one save area known as the "glade"
2.2.1 Message/Theme
3 Characters
3.1 Newt
3.1.1 Brave
3.1.2 Strong
3.2 "Frypan"
3.2.1 Good at cooking
3.2.2 Not very brave
3.3 Thomas
3.3.1 Brave
3.3.2 Curious
4 Setting
4.1 Time
4.1.1 There is no exact time but it obviously takes place in modern day.
4.2 Place/Location
4.2.1 A huge maze with deadly creatures known as "grievers."
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