Moon Over Manifest

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My mind map for Q1BR, Moon Over Manifest.

Resource summary

Moon Over Manifest
  1. By: Clare Vanderpool
    1. Characters
      1. Jinx
        1. Tricky
          1. Tough
        2. Abilene
          1. Courious
            1. Smart
            2. Ned
              1. Brave
                1. Athletic
              2. Setting
                1. Time: 1936
                  1. Place: Manifest, Kansas
                  2. Main Conflict
                    1. Conflict: Abilene is sent by train to Manifest Kansas, the childhood home of her quiet father Gideon, who's past she knows little of.
                      1. Cause: After being single for most of Abilene's growing up, Gideon ( her father) gets a job on the Santa Fe Railroad.
                      2. Theme
                        1. How it brought out in the book: The message brought out in the book when Abilene first found the box and began to explore Manifest's past.
                          1. Message: Couriousity and knowledge helps you understand the past, present, and future.
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