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Did the Renaissance exist - Explanation from both sides of the argument

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1 Did it exist?
1.1 YES
1.1.1 Focus in Art, Science and new ideas more detail and understanding of the human body Inspired by Greek and Roman and writings opened up a new world for scholars Humanists Examined ,translated and commented on the writings 15th-16th century some people proved some of the church's theories incorrect, which had never happened before People were more curious people thought of inventions used today change of artistic styles Still believed in religion Liberal arts
1.2 NO
1.2.1 mainly happened in Europe (Italy) Italy spawned the renaissace reason $ money $ society has to be super rich to support artists, elaborate building projects, scholars to translate and comment on really old documents gained lots of money from trade Venice became the richest city state exported textiles to the Ottomans Dyed with chemical called Alum Mainly found in Anatolia Part of the Ottoman Empire However in 1460, Alum was discovered in Italy Eastern Mediterainian People were not aware of it only affected a tiny sliver of the European population Didn't filter down to most people the way technology does today Only experienced by the richest people and the people who served them No sources refer to the Renaissance when it was happening
2 means rebirth in french
2.1 rebirth of Greek + Roman ideas and culture
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