The Renaissance

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The Renaissance
1 Why did it begin in Italy?
1.1 Trade Routes
1.2 The Ruins of Ancient Rome
1.3 City States (competed)
1.4 Wealth of Italian cities
1.5 Fall of Constantinople (Istanbull)
1.6 Invention of The Printing Press
2 Changes in Art and Architecture
2.1 Medieval
2.1.1 Religious message only
2.1.2 Painted on wood panel
2.1.3 Faces similar
2.1.4 Lifeless
2.1.5 No depth (perspective)
2.1.6 No variety in colour
2.1.7 Gothic style of architecture (pointed arches, flying buttresses, spires)
2.2 Renaissance
2.2.1 Painted on canvas
2.2.2 Roman style architecture
2.2.3 Perspective (depth)
2.2.4 Renaissance style clothes
2.2.5 Realistic people (study of anatomy)
2.2.6 Different colours
2.2.7 Themes from religion and Greek / Roman legends
2.2.8 Roman style of architecture (domes and rounded arches)
3 Becoming an Artist
3.1 1. Apprentice-age 12/13
3.2 2. Journeymen- member of a guild, left town, depended on patrons
3.3 3. Master- could take in apprentices, did not rely on others
4 Important Renaissance lives
4.1 The Medici Family
4.1.1 Lorenzo De Medici
4.2 Michelangelo


  • Michelangelo -Born in Florence-Apprenticed to Master Ghirlandaio-Invited to Lorenzo De Medici's school of sculpture-Lorenzo became a patron to Michelangelo-Sculpted 'La Pietá' in Rome-Sculpted 'David' in Florence-Asked to paint The Sistine Chapel (Rome) by Pope Julius II-Designed the dome of St. Peters (Rome)-Died 1564 (Age 89)-Buried in Rome, smuggled to Florence.
4.3 Leonardo Da Vinci
4.4 Gutenburg
4.5 Durer
4.6 Galileo
4.7 Shakespeare

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