All The Qualities That Make Me Perfect For Being A Computer Software Engineer

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All The Qualities That Make Me Perfect For Being A Computer Software Engineer
1 Values
1.1 Computer software engineers create things such as games or programs for the computer, and they can't create a big program by themselves, so they work in teams. I value friendship as shown in my values survey, and being friendly is a must as a computer software engineer, since most of the time, I will be working with a group of people.
2 Interests
2.1 Computer software engineers spend all day working with computers, and that is one of my biggest interests. I spend a lot of time using computers for either school work, programming, or the occasional game, and computer software engineers work is to code different software such as games, programs or functions for a computer.
2.2 Computer software engineers use mathematics on a daily basis in their code, since programming requires you to know math to be able to code. One of my interests is math, and this will help me in programming since I will already know the math I need before I begin programming.
3 Multiple Intelligences
3.1 I am very logically/mathematically intelligent, which will help me in programming since math is used extensively in code. This will help me find patterns in code faster, I will enjoy working with numbers or data, and this gives me a definite ability working with computers. I am also always looking for a reason to why things happen, which will let me get to the roots of code I am trying to understand faster.
4 Personality
4.1 I have a very investigative personality, which is what a computer software engineer needs to succeed. Computer software engineers need to be investigative enough to indulge in and unravel code, and investigate new ways to utilize or create code
4.2 A computer software engineer must be artistic enough to make their code nice and compact, which requires an artistic touch, because code would not look nice if made without any regard to how it is spaced out (For example a paragraph would not look nice if it did not have indents, or spaces in between words). I have an artistic personality and this is great for programming.
5 Learning Styles
5.1 Computer software engineers look at screens of code, and images of the final product that they have created. They also learn from computers and learn everything visually, which makes it very good that I am a visual learner and learn best when looking at something.
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