Executive Branch

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Executive branch mind map

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Executive Branch
1 The President
1.1 Head of state
1.1.1 Head of Government Commander-in-chief of the armed forces Responsible for enforcing laws Has the power to veto bills Sign legislation into law
2 The Cabinets
2.1 Made of 15 executive departments
2.1.1 They are also the presidents closest confidants The cabinets also play a role in the line of sucession
2.1.2 25 cabinet members
3 Line of Sucession
3.1 President
3.1.1 Vice President Speaker of the house Senate president Secretary of state
4 Vice President
4.1 Elected by the electoral college along with the president
4.2 President of the Senate
4.3 If the president is not able to preform his duties then the vice takes over
4.3.1 The vice president can decide the vote in case of a tie in the senate
5 Department of Homeland Securty
5.1 Missions is to prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks
5.1.1 The third largest Cabinet Established September 11th, 2002. It was founded as a response of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001 Employs 216,000 people in its mission to patrol boarders
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