The Executive Branch

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The Executive Branch
1 The Executive Branch is the power to vest in the president of the Untied States.
2 The President
2.1 Acts as the head of state and commander- in-chief- of armed forces of the government
2.2 Is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the laws that are created by congress
2.2.1 There are fiffteen departments they were each lead by an apointed member of the presidents cabinet. The president has the power either to sign legislation into law or to veto bills enacted by congress Must be 35 years old to become president or you must have lived in thee Untied States for more than 14 years. Is to be ready at a moments to notice to assume the presidency if the president is unable to perform his duties The Vice President
2.3 The Cabinet
2.3.1 Is an advisory body made up of the head of 15 departments of the executive branch
2.3.2 Major Federal Agencies
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