The Executive Branch

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Executive Branch Mind Map

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The Executive Branch
1 The President
1.1 2 terms for 4 years
1.2 Must be 35 years of age
1.3 Must be a resident of the united states for at least 14 years
1.4 Our current president is Obama
1.5 Head of the executive branch
1.6 Appoints who he wants in the Cabinet
2 The Cabinet
2.1 The President chooses who's in his cabinet
2.2 body made up of heads from the 15 departments
2.3 This cabinet meets almost every 2 months to discuss things for an hour to an hour and a half and they discuss important things taking place at the given time
3 Departments
3.1 Department of Agriculture
3.2 Department of Commerce
3.3 Department of Defense
3.4 Department of Education
3.5 Department of Energy
3.6 Department of Health and Human Services
3.7 Department of Homeland Security
3.8 Department of Housing and Urban Development
3.9 Department of the Interior
3.10 Department of Justice
3.11 Department of Labor
3.12 Department of State
3.13 Department of Transportation
3.14 Department of Treasury
3.15 Department of Veterans Affairs
4 The Vice President
4.1 Helps the President of the United States
4.2 Is next in line if something happens to the President
4.2.1 He must be prepared for if something happens to him, this is his primary duty
4.3 He serves as the President of the U.S. Senate
4.4 He is voted by the Electoral College, along with the President
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