Executive Branch

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Executive Branch
1 President
1.1 The president is the head of the state, government in the United States and commander in chief.
1.1.1 President have power to sign a law or veto a bill. President can issue executive orders that the direct executive officials to clarify orders.
2 Vice President
2.1 Its primary responsiblity is to be ready for whenever the president unable to do their duties.
2.1.1 They are elected by the Electoral College.
3 Executive Office of the President.
3.1 It was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939.
3.1.1 The responsibilties are to communicate the president message to people in America that helps with peoples interest.
4 The Cabinet
4.1 Is made up by 15 executive departments.
4.1.1 The president chooses them and then confirmed by the senate.
5 Department of Argiculture
5.1 Its dealing with farming and farm foods policies.
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