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this is my mind map for my q1 book project

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1 Setting
1.1 Time:Modern?
1.2 Place: Justicia, America
2 Character
2.1 Andrew bean or the sensationalist
2.1.1 Amazing friend
2.1.2 Willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done
2.2 Jenna
2.2.1 Thoughtful
2.2.2 Good friend
2.3 Eric
2.3.1 Agile
2.3.2 Def
3 Main Conflict
3.1 Conflict: The jacks who are led by the dealer are broken out of prison and start taking all the superheroes hostage, now it is up to the sensationalist to find these superheroes and the dealer and bring them home
3.2 Cause--The dealer was thought to have been killed years ago in an explosion following the death of his daughter. and now he is out to kill all those that stopped him the first time
4 Theme
4.1 Value of forgiveness
4.2 it is shown in the fact that andrew forgives his best friend even after she betrayed him
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