Twighlight book series

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Read it and read the book!

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Twighlight book series
  1. Book By: Stephanie Meyers
    1. Presentation by: Destiny Anthony
      1. About the book: Twighlight is a tween/teen romance about a human and vampire fall in love and the human almost gets killed a lot. It is a lot more exciting than I make it sound. A lot better.
        1. Bella goes through a lot while the books go on you are always on the edge of your seat. ALWAYS!!
          1. Bella wants to a vampire but Edward won't let her. He takes her to his house and she watches a house full of vampires play baseball (outside of course) and the BAD vampires hear their game and want to join... then smell Bella and the chase is on.
            1. The bad vampires consist of James, Victoria and Laurent.
              1. James finds a way to catch her (even out numbered) and he BITES HER she is rapidly changing so Edward had to clean the blood by sucking it and almost kills her!!
                1. Edward can't handle almost killing Bella everyday so he abandons her along with the family and she is stuck in a very very very very very (well you get the idea) long time.
                  1. After he leaves Bella meets (and likes) Jacob Black he is a werewolfe and she does not know (so don't tell her).
                    1. Read the books to figure out what happens next!
          2. Characters: Bella, Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Alice, Emmet, Jasper, Laurent, James, Victoria, Mike, ECT.
            1. Bella, Mike, Charlie and some others are human the others are vampires.
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