Development/ skill needed

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Development/ skill needed
1 achieve English language GCSE at a grade C
1.1 Tutor and laptop (to complete past papers for revision)
1.1.1 my results November 2015
2 Confidence
2.1 getting involded more in class disussions
2.1.1 more awareness of current news that could share, work experience (increasing knownledge) feed back from Judean and work experience to have shown improvements within a year
3 apply for the level 4 buying course at the FRA
3.1 research into being a buyer,creating a interesting portfolio, developingnmyself at Topshop
3.1.1 advice and guidence from tutors, libary books about being a buyer if i get accepted on to the course summer 2016
4 topshop ESA
4.1 leading the team to conduct daliy tasks and being commerical
4.1.1 help from team leaders and managers i would have a certificate as evidence by December
5 update CV
5.1 add additional work experiences and progessions
5.1.1 laptop, booksin the libary for creative templates checked by judean january 2016
6 Personal statement
6.1 see examples and research into what is expected
6.1.1 laptop and libary books Judean january 2016
7 cover letter template
7.1 see examples
7.1.1 laptop Judean january 2016
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