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1 Setting
1.1 A forest called the Urwald
1.2 Around the 1800s
2 Characters
2.1 Jinx
2.1.1 Curious/ Independent
2.2 Simon
2.2.1 Grumpy/ Arrogent
2.3 Sophie
2.3.1 Honest/ Caring
3 Main Conflict
3.1 Conflict-- A wizard took Jinx's gift of seeing people's thoughts from him so he goes out to find more about his missing magic.
3.2 Cause-- Simon the Wizard Jinx worked for took his magic of seeing people's thoughts for no reason, so Jinx wanted to find out more about what he lost and how to get it back.
4 Theme
4.1 Value of Growing Up
4.2 How is brought out in book? Jinx went through a lot of tough times while he was growing up.--- His parents died when he was really young, he was left to die in the Urwald, and he got his gift of seeing people's thoughts taken away.
5 Jinx
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