Kibera Solutions and management

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kibera soltuions and management

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Kibera Solutions and management
1 International aid
1.1 A British charity has been made responsible for low cost roofing tiles made of sand and clay by adding lime and natural fibre to soil to create blocks used for building that are cheaper than concrete.
1.2 The united nations' human settlement programme (UN Habitat) has provided affordable electricity to some parts of the shanty town at 300 shillings per shack.
1.3 Improving sanitation is more difficult as progress is slow. Charities such as the red cross are supporting the improvements. Gap year students are encouraged to go to kibera to oversee the spending and to help co-ordinate efforts.
1.4 The world bank has provided a main water pipe into the shanty town with a small price for clean water at 3 shillings per 20 litres.
1.4.1 more than 75% of the residents lack access to sufficient clean water.
1.5 Umande Trust, a well-established NGO is working in different parts of Kibera settlements to improve sanitation through erection of biogas toilets which are also sources of energy through production of biogas and methane.
1.5.1 This development of the biogas latrines has come in handy and now helps the community because of the low cost charged per visit. The bio- latrine uses the technology of airless digestion to transform human waste into fertilizer and gas suitable for uses like cooking, heating, lighting etc this therefore generates a sizeable amount of energy. Consequently, the community is able to properly dispose human waste and at the same time reduce pollution and environmental degradation.
2 Government efforts
2.1 A water pipe provided from the council with a small cost of 3 shillings per 20 litres.
2.1.1 In Kibera shanty towns, the cost of water is seven times higher than that paid by people in high-income settlements served by the Nairobi Water and Sewage Company.
2.2 Massive new ring road to reduce congestion at the transport links nearby and installed a metro system in cairo.
2.3 The government has recently started a major shanty town resettlement plan, building big new concrete tower blocks to replace the unsightly sprawling shacks which occupy premium real estate in the heart of the city. But the Kibera residents are sceptical about whether this is a genuine solution to the challenges of the shanty town.
2.4 Adopt-A-Light was set in 2002 to assist light the city of Nairobi in collaboration with the Nairobi’s city council and has erected lighting masts in Kibera shanty towns. In 2005, the UN-Habitat’s shanty town Lighting Project was commissioned to assist with lighting the city. These two initiatives have helped in providing light in Kibera shanty towns among other shanties in the city.
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