Belief about Deity

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Philosophy 1: B601 RS

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Belief about Deity
1 Describing God
1.1 Protector, sustainer, eternal, creator, king, judge fortress, mother, father, just, law giver, understanding, loving, patient, calm, compassionate, gracious, merciful, forgiving, faithful.
1.2 The Parable of the Prodigal Son
1.3 The Goodness of God
1.3.1 Creation, Miracles, answers prayers, heals people, Jesus' Crucifixion + Resurrection, Benevolent
1.4 Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Personal +Immanent, Impersonal + Transcendent
1.5 The Trinity
1.5.1 Father


  • Refer to Images of God
1.5.2 Son: Jesus, God Incarnate, completely human + God, free of sin, resurrected to show that God has power over death, immaculate conception, teach humans.
1.5.3 Holy Spirit: immaculate conception, comforter + guide, paraclete, destroys bad things, cleanses, gives life
1.5.4 Evidence: Jesus' baptism
2 Christianity = Monotheistic
3 Arguments + Reasons
3.1 Cosmological Argument
3.1.1 1. Everything must have a cause
3.1.2 2. The universe exists
3.1.3 3. What caused the universe?
3.1.4 4. There must be a first cause
3.1.5 5. The first cause is God
3.1.6 Domino Analogy - Big Bang - Mechanism
3.1.7 Against: Does God have to be the first cause? Evolution - Random Chance. Who cause God?
3.1.8 For: Cause + Effect, Evolution
3.1.9 Aquinas
3.2 Teleological Argument
3.2.1 Watch Analogy: Intricate Design, therefore there must be a designer. Applies to World - God is designer, can not fall together by chance.
3.2.2 Telos + Purpose
3.2.3 For: evolution as evidence of design, the world was designed just right for us.
3.2.4 Against: Is the world perfectly designed? Comparisons please?? Evolution - we have had to adapt to environment.
3.2.5 Paley
3.3 Religious Experience
3.3.1 Encounter, Visions, Miracles, Conversions, Manifestations, inexplicable by science. Examples: Moses + the Burning Bush, CS Louis, Lourdes Against: Bible - many years ago, yet to know full extent of medicine + science. For: Take into account by face value, life dramatically changed
3.4 Moral Argument
3.4.1 Humankind has a sense of good and bad (moral compass) Innate from God Theories: Hastings Rashdall: God exists because we act morally. Cardinal John Henry Newman: Conscience + sense of guilt is God's voice guiding us to goodness.
3.4.2 For: Human goodness must be God inspired
3.4.3 Against: Morality is not universal, morality is based on the society in which you live.
3.5 Religious Upbringing
3.5.1 Communion, confirmation, reading bible, being brought up within Christianity, belief in God, Baptism/cleansing from sin.
3.5.2 For: Only outlook on religion, being brought up with this religion offers stability. Against: Indoctrination, no one offers another view.
4 God Intervening in the World
4.1 Through Miracles
4.1.1 Healing, Nature, Raising the Dead, Exorcisms Paralysed man, Jesus feeds 5000, Raising Lazarus + Jesus, Man Healed from Jesus
4.1.2 Event that goes against the laws of nature that must be the intervention of God
4.1.3 Lourdes: 67 approved
4.1.4 Why? Prove existence, show power, reinforce beliefs regarding deity, imminence, compassion, challenge non-believer, establish kingdom
4.2 Through Jesus
4.2.1 Human + Divine. Savior. Eternal
4.3 Through the Holy Spirit
4.3.1 Guides people to live with good Qualities - The Fruit of the Spirit. Charismatic Gifts. Story of Pentecost. Why? leads people to good sense of morality. Reach out to people over broad spectrum. give love and joy.
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