CEO Carla Ramírez

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CEO Carla Ramírez
  1. Research and Developement: Data specialist director Alejandra de la Peña
    1. Energy research coordinator manager
      1. Tecnological researchers
        1. Material researchers
          1. Experimental researchers
            1. Hardware designer
          2. Human Resources: recruiting director Alejandra de la Peña
            1. Interviewing manager
              1. Secretary
                1. Assistant
                  1. Portfolio reviewer
                    1. Counselor
                      1. PR specialist
                    2. Marketing: Market analyst director Jennifer lee
                      1. Marketing consultant manager
                        1. Market access analyst
                          1. Secretary
                            1. Social media specialist
                              1. Advertising director
                            2. Finances: Accountant director Monica Osorio
                              1. account manager
                                1. Accountant
                                  1. sales analysts
                                    1. Sales-men
                                  2. Production: process research director Carla Ramírez
                                    1. Quality assurance manager
                                      1. Material quality control supervisor
                                        1. Material tester
                                        2. Equipment operator
                                          1. Electrician
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