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Research Proposal
1 Title: Sport and MC of South Korea
2 Introduction
2.1 Modern Sport of Korea developed and was used to influence Korean ideological nationalism under Japanese occupation. Sport was used as a means of preserving Korean pride and heritage helping to form a sense of unity among oppressed Koreans. Modern sport is a product of nationalism. The modern development of Multiculturalism and "global Korea" is at odds with with its homogeneous ethnic nationalistic roots.
3 Research Problem
3.1 Sport in Korea was actively mobilized to serve the goals of the military government after the Korean war. A slogan "Physical Fitness is the National Power" was based on ideology that physical power is national power. The question arises "how do Koreans feel and think about non Koreans taking part in Korean sport and contributing to Korean sport culture when such strong nationalistic views of homogeneous pride are fostered by Korean sport.
4 Justification
4.1 South Korean society has entered the first phase of multiethnic and multicultural society development. Immigration rates are on the rise in South Korea. Due to Increasing entry of migrant workers International marriage, as well as ethnic Koreans from China and North Korea, South Korea has become more multicultural and multiethnic than ever. As of 2007 over 1 million foreigners were registered and residing in South Korea. Sports culture in Korea can be a voice used to grow diverse ideologies of multiculturalism in Korea while forming bonds between groups through competition and camaraderie helping to improve and avoid issues.
5 Objective to answer the following (Research Questions)
5.1 RQ1: How do Koreans view non Koreans participating in sports (national/ recreational) considering the homogeneous and nationalistic ties of sport in Korea?
5.2 RQ2: Can Sport be used as a vehicle to maintain Korean cultural identity as well as improved cross-cultural relations in Korea?
5.3 RQ3: Can the nationalism of Korean sport be used as a tool to grow social values of South Koreans such as feelings of social dissidents towards foreigners and minorities?
6 Significance
6.1 Immigration, multiculturalism, diversity, difference, and the figure of the foreigner are not new phenomenon. They are as old as humanity. Previous research must be reviewed and updated to fit Koreas growing multiculturalism. The importance of sport should not be underestimated within these changes."The ethnic presence of sports has served to confront people with the social reality of multiculturalism. Change and public opinion and Outlook have been in part shaped by ethnic involvement in sports. Applying past models and understanding how Koreans and Foreigners can interact using sport can aid in the broader picture of Koreas divelopment
7 Scope
7.1 The scope of this study will be broad and aimed at Korea as a whole. Data regarding opinion from other studies will be included in the dissertation
8 Literature Review/Theoretical Foundation
8.1 Reviews of Korean nationalism, Sport, Multiculturalism and Korean trends will be analyzed. Various reviews of previous research done by Korean universities Will also be utilized. Case studies of other Asian multicultural issues and successes will also be reviewed. Terms such as "linear ethnicity", "assimilation theory" "acculturation" "social units"
9 Conceptualisation
9.1 Korea has been referred to as the"hermit kingdom" before its rapid development. Due to imperialism sports such as soccer have taken root in Korea. Sport was utilized to foster nationalism, pride, and as a means of self for preservation during Japan colonization rule. During Koreas rapid development, Nationalism and military might through sport evoked National motivation and helped propel Korea to economic independence and success. However as Korea has grown foreign influence has also increased. This has led to a new era in South Koreas development of multiculturalism. Sport has been used to unify, Understand, and even woke nationalistic pride among varying ethnic groups and minorities in other parts of the world. Can The usage of sports be used to help Koreans and foreigners find common ground. Intrinsic and conservative values of the older generation versus more liberal and independent thought must also be analyzed to answer the purpose of this dissertation.
10 Methodology
10.1 Possibly (Quantitative/Mixed methods). This dissertation will require the author to research current trends and existing data to form conclusions regarding the proposal.
11 Sources of Data
11.1 Data will be found through research of existing material and scientific sources. Specific sources of public quantified data will be discussed when found and then verified.
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