Distributed System

Peter Lang
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A-Levels Computer Science (Operating Systems) Mind Map on Distributed System, created by Peter Lang on 11/19/2013.

Peter Lang
Created by Peter Lang almost 6 years ago
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Distributed System
1 DS OS allows data files to be spread across the network.
2 One super computer is hosting the network
2.1 and instead of it storing all of the data files itself
2.1.1 it has them spread across different machines on it's network preventing a bottleneck of data which will incur lag.
3 As all of the machines would rely on the files stored on the super computer host, they would all be retrieving data from it,
3.1 thus causing lag as the host would likey overload if too many people were trying to access the files.
4 Different files will be stored on the network on different machines.
4.1 For example, word processors stored on one hard drive , presentation software on another hard drive and image editing software on another hard drive.

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