Leon Trotsky

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A mind map of Leon Trotsky up to the October revolution

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Leon Trotsky
1 Bolshevik
1.1 Was originally a Menshevik until the February revolution (1917)
1.2 Crucial in keeping the Bolshevik regime alive and in taking control in October
1.2.1 Worked alongside Lenin
1.3 Arrested during the July days
1.3.1 While in prison he became formally admitted to the party and elected onto the committee
1.4 Believed on Marxism
2 Leader of the Petrograd soviet
2.1 In charge of the MRC
2.1.1 The only army in Petrograd
3 He was part of underground activities as a teenager
3.1 This got him jailed and exiled to Siberia
3.1.1 Once he escaped he didn't return to Russia until 1917 He spent lots of time in London, New York and Paris
3.1.2 While in prison he married another marxist
3.2 popularised socialism among industrial workers and revolutionary students
4 He was of Jewish heritage
4.1 Wasn't that popular
5 Educated
5.1 HIs mother was middle class and he was related to various intellectuals
5.2 Political thinker/writer
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