Early Baroque Opera Revised

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A mind map of the root and progression of early opera.

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Early Baroque Opera Revised
  1. Background
    1. Intermedio
      1. Musical interludes between acts of a play
        1. 1. Chorus, soloist and instrumental ensemble 2. Mythical theme 3.Mostly in Italy
        2. Madrigal (in Context of Opera)
          1. Has narrative
            1. Leads to the dialogue in Opera
            2. Greek Tradegy
              1. Chorus composed for Greek Play
                1. Comment on the action onstage
                2. Emotional Content very important
                3. Pastoral Drama
                  1. Popular in Italian Courts
                    1. Influenced Opera through song and dance and mytholthical characters
                  2. Important People
                    1. Vincenzo Galilei (1525-91)
                      1. Was against polyphony
                        1. Considered word painting childish
                          1. Part of the Florentine Camerata and was in correspondence with Girolamo Mei
                          2. Girolamo Mei (1519- 94)
                            1. One of the leading scholars on Roman and Greek Culture
                              1. Figured out that Greek music was one single melodic line
                              2. The scholar the Florentine Camerata collaberated with
                              3. Florentine Camerata (1570's)
                                1. Informal academy of scholars
                                  1. Interested in Roman arts, music, science, etc....
                                  2. Commissioned music they thought reflected that of Greek and Roman Music and Tragedies
                                    1. First Opera
                                      1. Jacopo Peri ( 1561- 1633)
                                        1. Wrote Dafne (1598)
                                          1. Only fragments have survived
                                          2. Developed Recitative Style
                                            1. Style of Speech Song
                                              1. Thought to be imitating Greek Epic Poetry Recitation
                                                1. Basso continuo holds while performer sings in speech-like patterns
                                          3. Thought Polyphony was old school and wanted to usher in monody
                                            1. monody- Works for solo voice and maybe continuo
                                            2. Wouldn't have opera without them
                                          4. What is it?
                                            1. Sung drama with Libretto
                                              1. Has Soloist, chorus, dance, orchestra, and mythic theme
                                                1. Org. for aristocracy, later for public
                                                  1. 1st opera house in Venice 1637
                                                  2. Monteverdi
                                                    1. Music
                                                      1. Wrote in both Renaissance and Baroque style Knew he was writing in both and called them...
                                                        1. Seconda Practice = Baroque style Free with rhythm and dissonance
                                                          1. Prima practica = Renaissance style
                                                        2. L'Orfeo
                                                          1. arias, duets, madrigals, recitatives, ritornellos, choruses, dance Working for Contrast
                                                            1. Uses a 40 instrument orchestra with specified score.
                                                              1. Borrowed contrasting elements of church music for opera
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