B1.3 - Drugs

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B1.3 - Drugs
1 how drugs are developed
1.1 stage 1
1.1.1 drug tested on cells in lab initial reaction of cells toxicity no major side effects eg excessive growth
1.1.2 computer modelling used
1.2 stage 2
1.2.1 tested on tissues/cultures no major side effects
1.2.2 done in vitro (in a petri dish)
1.3 stage 3
1.3.1 animal testing check effect on organs toxicity side effects
1.4 stage 4
1.4.1 human testing on healthy volunteers side effects why? humans react differently to other animals
1.5 stage 5
1.5.1 human testing on small numbers of people with disease check drug works targets disease side effects
1.6 stage 6
1.6.1 human testing on large numbers of unhealthy patients look for side effects interaction with other drugs
1.7 stage 7
1.7.1 licensing of drug
1.7.2 licensing process
1.7.3 all data sent to scientists at NICE decide whether license issued
2 types of drugs
2.1 medicinal
2.1.1 paracetamol/aspirin used to treat symptoms not disease can be addictive if used excessively
2.1.2 statins controls cholesterol in blood reduces risk of heart attack or stroke once given patient never stops taking safe
2.2 illegal
2.2.1 stimulants make people feel full of energy can cause heart attack eg cocaine
2.2.2 depresants make people feel more relaxed can cause respiratory arrest eg heroin
2.2.3 hallucinogenic makes surroundings more intense cause inability to regulate body temperature and blood clots eg LSD or ecstasy
2.2.4 performance enhancing stimulate muscle development to help athletes train eg steroids
3 smoking
4 alcohol
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