Dystopian short story

Eloise Nelson
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Eloise Nelson
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My idea for a story. All rights reserved. Eloise Nelson. 2015.

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Dystopian short story
  1. Characters
    1. Eden
      1. Colorado
        1. Brown hair and eyes
          1. 16 years old
            1. ambitious
              1. Reads
                1. Works @ library
                2. active
                  1. hikes
                    1. swims
                  2. Charlie
                    1. Ireland
                      1. Red-Brown hair
                        1. brown eyes
                          1. 17 years old
                            1. volunteers
                          2. Background
                            1. Technology
                              1. iBrain
                                1. Computer inside your head
                                  1. you can learn easier
                                  2. virtual reality
                                    1. Travel anywhere in the world
                                      1. See anything, but no touching
                                        1. People have jobs to act like it´s their real world
                                    2. Plot
                                      1. conflict
                                        1. self-sacrifice for kin
                                          1. new discovery that changes views
                                            1. quest for survival
                                            2. Events
                                              1. Charlie and Eden are in london
                                                1. Eden goes to bed
                                                  1. Eden wakes up, runs, goes to school
                                                    1. Eden and Charlie are in India
                                                      1. They discover a place where they can see what everyone else is doing
                                                        1. They know that they msut find a way to shut down Social Earth
                                                          1. Eden uses her money saved to travel with Charlie to an underground society of people against Social Earth
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