Is it fair?

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Is it fair?

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Is it fair?
1 Key Words
1.1 Equality
1.1.1 The belief or state that everyone should have equal rights and opportunity. I.e. Free health care
1.2 Identity
1.2.1 The sense of who you are in terms of attitudes, character and personality. I.e. everyone is unique
1.3 Injustice
1.3.1 Where not everyone is treated with fairness. I.e. Lack of food or shelter
1.4 Authority
1.4.1 Power over others through position or moral teachings. I.e. Prime-minister
1.5 Prejudice
1.5.1 Judging someone before you know them to be inferior or superior. I.e. disability
1.6 Discrimination
1.6.1 The actions of treating groups of people differently. I.e. Racism
2 Is the world a fair place?
2.1 Developed World
2.1.1 Countries with a high standard of living I.e. North America, Western Europe and Australasia.
2.1.2 Although only 25% of the world's populations live in developed world it uses more than 80% of the worlds resources.
2.1.3 We have: Clean Water Health Care Education Free housing
2.2 Non-developed World
2.2.1 Include countries with a low standard of living, including most of the countries in South American and Africa.
2.2.2 These countries have 75% of the worlds population but they have to live on less than 20% of the worlds resources.
2.2.3 They don't have: Clean Water Education Health care system Housing
3 What stops a country from developing?
3.1 Corruption
3.2 Disease
3.3 Greed
3.4 Debt
3.5 Living under a brutal government
4.1 Catholic Agency For Overseas Development
4.2 They try to improve the lives of those living in poverty in third world countries.
4.3 Short Term Aid
4.3.1 Water
4.3.2 Food
4.3.3 Tents
4.3.4 Medicine
4.4 Long Term Aid
4.4.1 Farming
4.4.2 Education
4.4.3 Wells
4.4.4 Medical training
4.5 They are following the teachings of Jesus to love one another
5 Islamic Relief
5.1 A Muslim charity that helps people in need especially in times of disasters.
5.2 They provide:
5.2.1 Water and sanitation
5.2.2 Health and nutrition
5.2.3 Employment and training
5.2.4 Education
5.2.5 Emergency
5.3 Muslims believe Allah made everything and as part of the Ummah they have a duty to take care for others.
5.4 Zakah
5.4.1 Donate 2.5% of their wages to charity
6 Prejudice and Discrimination
6.1 Prejudice
6.1.1 To pre-judge. When we form a judgement about someone before we actually know them.
6.2 Discrimination
6.2.1 When we act upon pre-judgements
6.3 Types:
6.3.1 Sexism
6.3.2 Ageism
6.3.3 Disability
6.3.4 Racism
6.3.5 Homophobia
6.4 Where does it come from?
6.4.1 Family influences
6.4.2 Religion
6.4.3 Lack of education
6.4.4 Ignorance
6.4.5 The media
6.5 The effects
6.5.1 Low self esteem
6.5.2 Horrific events
6.5.3 Barriers between communities
6.5.4 Alienation
6.5.5 Segregation
6.5.6 Intimidation
6.5.7 Fear
6.5.8 Self harming and suicide
7 Christian teachings
7.1 Christian Teachings on Human Dignity
7.1.1 Christians believe that we are 'All one in Christ'
7.1.2 Jesus showed in his teachings and his actions that all people should be treated with dignity.
7.1.3 Jesus mixed with people from all backgrounds: lepers etc.
7.1.4 In the parable of the Good samaritian he taught 'Love your neighbour as yourself'
7.2 Christian teachings on Racial, social and Gender Divisions
7.2.1 God created human sin his image
7.2.2 Jesus mixed with outcasts
7.2.3 Although Jesus didn't have any female disciples he did have 3 close female friends and most of his miracles were associated with women.
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