Perception: AQA Philosophy

Grace Westrep
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The start of a mind map to consolidate knowledge of perception in Epistemology at A Level

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Perception: AQA Philosophy
1 REALISM - What we perceive are physical objects which exist independently of our minds. We perceive what is really out there - either directly or indirectly.
1.1 Direct Realism
1.1.1 "Common sense view" - Naive? + Intuitive - makes sense to admit this is how we perceive the world as this is how we talk about our perceptions - we can't give an account of experience without talking about physical objects.
1.1.2 Argument from Illusion RESPONSE
1.1.3 Argument from hallucination RESPONSE
1.1.4 Argument from Perceptual Variation RESPONSE
1.1.5 Time Lag Argument RESPONSE
1.2.1 We perceive objects which exist mind-independently but only through SENSE-DATA which are caused by and represent physical objects. SENSE DATA = Arguments in favour of IR:
2 IDEALISM - What we perceive are mental things - ideas of some kind.
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