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Psychology: Research Methods AS Level


A mind map of research methods used in psychology. useful revision for A level Psychology.
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Psychology: Research Methods AS Level
  1. Lab Experiment
    1. Conducted in a well controlled environment
      1. Accurate and objective measurements are possible
        1. The experimenter will decide where, when, how and with who
        2. Field Experiment
          1. Conducted in an "everyday" environment, not a lab
            1. The situations are artificial
              1. The Independent Variable (IV) can still be manipulated
                1. Extraneous variables have a limited control
                2. Case stusy
                  1. In depth study of an individual, group, event or community
                    1. Case studies provide substantial qualitative data
                      1. High level of ecological validity
                      2. Correlation
                        1. measure the extent of which two variables are related
                          1. when one variable increases and the other does too it is called a positive correlation
                            1. When one variable decreases and the other does too, it is called a negative correlation
                              1. When there is no relationship between the variables, there is no correlation
                              2. Interviews
                                1. Unstructured
                                  1. Like casual conversations
                                    1. No fixed questons
                                      1. most qualitative data is collected this way
                                      2. Structured
                                        1. A formal exchange
                                          1. A set of planned, predetermined questions
                                            1. the interviewer maintains social distance from the participant
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