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For and against Euthanasia
Harry Bradstreet
Mind Map by Harry Bradstreet, updated more than 1 year ago
Harry Bradstreet
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  1. Religious Views
    1. Christian
      1. Church views
        1. Catholic
          1. The catholics beleive that euthanasia is almost always wrong except when you are removing unnatural means of keeping the person alive for example, artificial life support. They also accept drugs that releive pain but as a side effect shorten the life of the person e.g morphine, although this does not inclide overdoses
          2. Methodist
            1. They used to argue that if the sufferer feels all the dignity and beauty has gone in life then to be euathanised would be acceptable. But now they argue against the legaistaion of euthanasia as they feel it puts an unnecessary pressure on doctors.
            2. Church of england
              1. All forms of euthanasia are unacceptable and they argue more money should be being drafted into hospice care to improve the last days of sufferers
          3. Buddhist
            1. Most Buddhists are against in-voluntary euthanasia. Their views on vouluntary is less clear but they believe that through meditation and pain releif drugs, a person can find a better state of mind where they are not in pain mentally
          4. Definitions
            1. Euthanasia: Meaning good Death, it is a means of killing somone in a painless way
              1. Passive: Euthanising the person by taking something away they depend on, e.g life support
                1. Active: Euthanising someone by giving them something that will kill them, e.g a poison
                  1. Voluntary: When the person being euthanised has expressed their wish to be killed
                    1. Non Voluntary: When the person being Euthanised has made no request or given any consent to be killed
                    2. Arguments for and against
                      1. Against
                        1. All life is sacred and the sanctity of life should not be disturbed or shortend
                          1. Accepting euthanasia suggests an acception of the concept of a heirarchy of how meaningful you are in life making ill or disabled people worth less than normal people
                            1. May not be in a person's best interests and they may be going through a short state of depression
                              1. There are cases where people have survived terminal illness
                                1. Euthanasia opens a huge gap in the law where you have to draw a line between murder and euthanasia
                                  1. Euthanasia gives doctors too much power
                                  2. For
                                    1. We should have the ability to control our lives
                                      1. We have a right to self determination
                                        1. Once a person feels they do not see the dignity or beauty in life anymore what is there to live for that makes it worth it
                                          1. Some illnesses such as cancer cause imense pain that can sometimes not be suppressed by medications
                                            1. Terminal illnesses can lead to depression due to the fact you rely on others for survival
                                              1. If a person feels they are in too much mental or physical pain to carry on living, who are we to stop them?
                                                1. If a person feels their condition will not improve and this can be confirmed by a doctor then why should we keep them alive only to let them suffer
                                              2. Side questions
                                                1. how and who should decide who we let die and who we keep alive
                                                  1. How do we compare physical disability and mental disability or a terminal illness
                                                    1. Who should we be to decide if the law is passed if we have never felt the need or want to be euthanised
                                                      1. What restrictions would be have to put on a legalised euthanasia?
                                                        1. when does a physical barrier become harder or worse than a mental barrier and vise versa
                                                          1. How do we class different disabilities as more important eg Cancer vs a natural born disability
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