Definition of Criminological Psychology

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Define criminological psychology, showing understanding that it is about the definitions and causes of crime and the identification, judgement and treatment of criminals.

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Definition of Criminological Psychology
  1. Define
    1. a specialised ares that uses psychological knowledge to help understand criminal behaviour.
      1. Investigates the causes of crime by examining social and personality issues that can be contributory factors.
        1. deals with legal aspects of crime such as...
          1. courtroom procedures
            1. eyewitness testimony
              1. policing techniques that are used to judge criminals
              2. key roles to develop treatment programmes for offenders
                1. used in community or prison to rehabilitate and prevent recidivism
                2. concerned with identifying offenders and predicting future crimes using profiling techniques
                3. Terminology
                  1. Crime
                    1. the breach of one or more rules or laws for which governing authority or force may ultimately prescribe a punishment
                      1. often seen as socially constructed/altered according to historical, cultural and power dimensions
                        1. e.g. attempted suicide was regarded as a criminal offence until 1901
                          1. designated according to age and intention
                            1. Those suffering from some forms of psychiatric illness are considered incapable of this aspect of criminal behaviour
                        2. Recidivism
                          1. rate of criminal reoffending
                          2. Modelling
                            1. a way of learning by imitating the behaviours of others
                            2. Token Economy
                              1. a treatment that involves giving secondary reinforcement for desirable behaviour
                                1. that can be saved and exchanged for primary reinforcement
                              2. Anti-social behaviour
                                1. virtually any intimidating or threatening activity that scare you or damages your quality of life
                                  1. rowdy, noisy behaviour, 'yoobish'
                                  2. ASBO
                                  3. Stereotyping
                                    1. classifying members of a social group as if they were all the same
                                      1. treating individuals belonging to that group as if no other characteristics were important
                                    2. eyewitness testimony
                                      1. the statement given by a witness about an event/crime
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