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Mind Map on Hardware, created by James Elgey on 10/14/2015.

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  1. The Central Processing Unit
    1. Uses of CPU
      1. Brain of the Computer
        1. Handles all computer data
          1. Carries out 3 actions: Fetch-Decode-Execute
            1. Fetch
              1. Collects the data
              2. Decode
                1. This is where the data that was fetched is decoded
                2. Execute
                  1. This is where the action commanded is performed
                3. Clock speed and cores
                  1. Can complete millions of actions at once
                    1. Determines how fast data is processed
                      1. The more cores the faster data is processed
                        1. Slow clock speed means data is being processed slowly
                      2. Measured in hertz (Hz)
                        1. One Hz = 1 instruction each second
                        2. If you had a quad core processor it would multiply the amount of hertz by 4
                          1. Kilohertz (KHz)
                            1. Megahertz (MHz)
                              1. Gigahertz (GHz)
                                1. 1 billion cycles per second
                                2. 1 million cylces per second
                                3. 1000 cycles per second
                              2. Cache
                                1. Stores data that might need to be used again
                                  1. Quicker than main memory
                                    1. Stores very little
                                2. Motherboard
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