Certificación de BPM 8

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Examen o Simulador para certificarse en Business Proces Managment v8.0

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Certificación de BPM 8
  1. An organization has built a service called "Employee Management Workflow", which was developed in IBM Business Process Manager V8.0.
    1. QUESTION 51: How can BPM application developer meet this requirement?
      1. 1. Create a Web Service
        1. 2. Add the operation, associating it with the service
        2. This service is required to be accessed by several external enterprise applications as a SOAP web service.
        3. A BPM application developer has to build code that allows users to follow business process definition instances from a human service.
          1. QUESTION 52: What is the REST API syntax that the BPM application developer needs to use?
            1. POST /rest/bpm/wle/v1/social/instance/{instanceId}/following
          2. A BPM application developer needs to create a business process that will contain several human services.
            1. QUESTION 53: How should the developer proceed in order to allow this mix of users to participate in the process? The BPM application developer should:
              1. use the internal IBM BPM security provider in conjunction with the external LDAP provider.
                1. Create an IBM BPM security group and add the external LDAP users using the Process Admin Console.
                2. After development begins, the developer learns that some of the task participants could be defined by the internal IBM BPM security provider, while others could be defined in an external LDAP server.
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