escape from Mr.Lemoncello's libary

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my book project

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escape from Mr.Lemoncello's libary
  1. setting
    1. Alexandriaville,Ohio
    2. time
      1. 21`st century
      2. characters
        1. Kyle Keely
          1. resourceful
            1. quick on his feet
          2. Charles Chilington
            1. deceitful
              1. rude
            2. Sierra Russel
              1. bookworm
                1. curious
                2. Miguel Fernandez
                  1. kind
                    1. loyal
                    2. Akimi Huges
                      1. friendly
                        1. clever
                      2. Andrew Peckleman
                        1. clever
                          1. loyal
                        2. Mr.Luigi Lemoncello
                          1. witty
                            1. unique
                            2. Haley Daley
                              1. smart
                                1. slick
                              2. conflict
                                1. try to escape the library
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