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fungi eukaryote part 1

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    1. - Multicellular
      1. -multinucleated
        1. -can germinate by spore
          1. -chemoorganoheteretrophs (fungi depends on organic matter for its source of carbon for growth and development)
            1. -saprophytes (lives on dead/decaying organic matter)
              1. -cell wall made of chitin (same material that can be found in exoskeleton of insects)
                1. -reproduce sexually and asexually
    2. structure
      1. unicellular fungi is yeast
        1. vegetative structure of fungus = thallus
          1. thallus consist of long branch filamentous structure called hyphae
            1. abundance and tangled in a collective hyphae is called mycelium
      2. feeding forms of fungi
        1. saprobic heterotrophs
          1. parasitic heterotrophs
            1. mutualistic heterotrophs
            2. life cycles of fungi in Ascomycota & Basidiomycota
              1. Teleomorphic
                1. sexual and asexual spores
                2. Anamorphic
                  1. asexual spores
                  2. Holomorphic
                    1. Anamorphic + Teleomorphic
                  3. Anaerobic rumen fungi CHRYTIDIOMYCOTA
                    1. Obligate anaerobs
                      1. decompose cellulose
                        1. motile due to flagellum
                          1. reproduction can be through spore dispersal
                            1. neocallimastigales
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