Parts of a Eukaryotic Cell

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Parts of eukaryotic cells and their descriptions.

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Parts of a Eukaryotic Cell
1 Nucleus
1.1 Membrane-enclosed organelle, found in most eukaryotic cells, which stores the genetic material (DNA).
1.2 Largest organelle in the cell.
2 Plasma Membrane (Cell Membrane)
2.1 A thin layer of lipids that surrounds the cell, separating the cytoplasm and organelles inside the cell from the surrounding environment.
2.1.1 Regulates what goes in and out of the cell. (is semipermeable)
2.2 Found in all cells.
3 Cytoplasm
3.1 Made up of cytosol and ribosomes and is the material inside the plasma membrane.
3.2 Found in all cells.
4 Ribosomes
4.1 Where proteins are synthesized.
4.2 Found in all cells.
5 Mitochondria
5.1 Organelle where cellular respiration occurs.
5.2 Has its own DNA.
6 Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
6.1 Rough ER
6.1.1 An organelle that helps transport and make proteins and lipids.
6.1.2 It is rough because it has ribosomes embedded on its surface.
6.2 Smooth ER
6.2.1 An organelle that helps transport and make proteins and lipids.
6.2.2 It is smooth because it doesn't have ribosomes embedded on its surface.
7 Cytoskeleton
7.1 Helps cell keep its shape and holds all organelles in their place.
8 Golgi Apparatus
8.1 Organelle that processes proteins and prepares them for use both inside and outside cells.
9 Vesicle
9.1 Small Membrane-enclosed sack that can store or transport substances.
10 Vacuole
10.1 Large sack filled with water that contains organic and inorganic molecules.
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