womens rights

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womens rights project

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womens rights
  1. Anthony and Stantion
    1. 1869-they created the NWSA
      1. 1878 the womens suffrage movement was introduced into congress
        1. 1913 women got the right to vote
          1. Lucy Stone and NWSA formed their groups together called NAWSA
          2. Alice Paul
            1. 1913- Alice and her group picketted the White house in protest
              1. April 2nd, Montana Rankin was sworn into congress as first women to serve in national legislature
                1. 1915- Alice Paul and Carrie Chapman joined together
                  1. August 26, 1920- 19th amendment was ratified
                    1. voting participants declined
                      1. Group split over key issues
                    2. Cult of Domesticity
                      1. Submissiveness
                        1. Women wore corsets
                          1. Woman should always submit
                          2. Piety
                            1. Religion
                            2. Domesticity
                              1. Men belonged at work Women belonged at home
                                1. Home was the womens' "kingdom"
                                2. Purity
                                  1. Virginity is wifes gift to husband
                                    1. Wifes job is to keep husband happy
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