Women's Movement

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Women's studies

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Women's Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity
    1. Piety
      1. Purity
        1. Domesticity
          1. Submissiveness
            1. in the 19th century, 1820-1860
            2. Susan B. Anthony/Elizabeth Stanton
              1. Anthony managed the business affairs, while Elizabeth wrote
                1. Traveled across the country promoting women's rights
                  1. During the civil war, formed the Women's Loyal National League
                    1. In 1866, established The American Equal Rights Association
                      1. in 1869 they formed the NWSA
              2. Alice Paul
                1. Formed the National Women's Party in 1913
                  1. She introduced the first Equals Rights Amendment in 1923
                    1. NWP members, picketed in front of the White house in 1917
                      1. They won the right to vote in 1920, in the 19th Amendment
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