Women's Suffragist Movement

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Women's suffrage

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Women's Suffragist Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity
    1. Piety. Women were expected to be religious.
      1. Purity. Women were expected to be virgin, and if they weren't, were considered to be less than human. Men weren't expected to be virgins.
        1. Submissiveness. Women were supposed to listen to everything her husband/father said, and were expected to bend over backwards to meet their wants and needs.
          1. Domesticity. Women were expected to stay in the home and do things like clean, cook, and take care of children.
            1. Between 1820 and the Civil War
            2. Susan B. Anthony/Elizabeth Stanton
              1. July, 1884. First Women's Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY. Declaration of Sentiments written.
                1. 1850. Anthony and Stanton met.
                  1. 1869. Anthony and Stanton created the NWSA
                    1. 1890. The NWSA and AWSA combined into NAWSA
                      1. 1878. First Lobbying for right to vote
                      2. 1869. Wyoming is the first state to give women the right to vote
                        1. 1893. Colorado gives women the right to vote.
                          1. 1896. Idaho and Utah give women the right to vote.
                            1. 1913. Illinois ia the first state east of the Mississippi river to give women the right to vote.
                            2. Alice Paul
                              1. 1913. Creates National Women's Party. Illinois is the first state east of the Mississippi to give women the right to vote.
                                1. 1920. 19th Amendment passed. Women are given right to vote.
                                  1. Originally fought in England for Women's right to vote before coming over to America
                                    1. Popularized hunger strikes in America
                                    2. 1913. Organized and executed Women's suffrage parade
                                      1. 1964. Worked on the Civil Rights Act
                                        1. 1917. Arrested for picketing the White House.
                                          1. 1917.. Arkansas and New York give women the right to vote. First women in Congress
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