Women's right movement

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Women's studies

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Women's right movement
  1. July 19th & 20th 1848- first gathering for the womens right movement
    1. 1850-1860~ Agitated against the denial of basic economic freedom.
      1. 1869- Wyoming granted complete voting rights.
        1. 1878- Women's suffrage amendment
          1. 1890's- Surge of volunteerism among middle class.
            1. 1893- Colorado granted voting rights
              1. 1896- Utah and Idaho granted voting rights.
                1. 1915- Carrie secured the organizations top leadership post.
    2. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton
      1. 1869- 2 factions at the suffrage movement emerged and created NWSA.
        1. 1880-1890- 2 of the wings struggled to maintain momentum.
          1. 1890's- The NWSA and AWSA is seeking to capitalize on their new found "constituency .
            1. 1890's- United to form the NAWSA.
      2. Cult of Domesticity
        1. Purity
          1. Submission
            1. Popular in the 1800's
            2. Domesticity
              1. Piety
            3. Alice Paul
              1. 1913- Formed the rival congressional union.
                1. 1913- States legislatures granted women the right to vote.
                  1. 1917-President Wilson urged congress to pass a voting amendment
                    1. January 10th,1918- House of representatives passed a voting rights amendment
                      1. August 26th,1920- The 19th amendment was passed,provided full rights for women nationally
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