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A Mind Map with defintions and examples of words that link with globalization
Binish Khalid
Mind Map by Binish Khalid, updated more than 1 year ago
Binish Khalid
Created by Binish Khalid over 6 years ago

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  1. Acculturation
    1. Definition: Adopting culture and traditions of another group, not your own.
      1. Example:When my parents move to Canada from Pakistan they adopted the Canadian way of dressing, the language, the attitude of minding your own business, food ( pizza, bread, lasagna ).
        1. Connection : When immigrants come to different countries they adopt the country's way of living, this happens all over the globe.
        2. Assimilation
          1. Example: When the Europeans came to Canada and learnt of the First Nations different culture, customs, and traditions they didn’t agree with it Believing they were superior they assimilated First Nation children in the form of Residential schools, when the children came out they had completely lost their identity, they knew nothing of their heritage.
            1. Connection: Assimilation is a loss of identity, you lose what makes up your identity culture, clothes, religion, traditions.
              1. Definition: To take in and become like others, adopt others way of life, being absorbed into something different.
              2. Hybridization
                1. Definition: To produce hybrids, two things combined together, a bit of each item. When lo0king at it from a socIal studies perspective it means combining two or more cultures together, combining traditions and customs, creating something new.
                  1. Example: The best example of this would be the Métis people who are a combination of the French and the Indigenous people. Another example would be immigrants who come to Canada and then have children in Canada. These children would likely adopt Canadian aspects of Canadian culture but at he same time keep aspects of their own culture.
                    1. Connection: Being from a hybrid culture can be incredibly difficult. For example the Métis people had to fight for land because the governmnet wouldn't acknowledge their indeginous side and only focused on their French side. Finding your place inbetween the two cutures isn't easy , your not fully French so you don't fit in with them but at the same time you aren't fully an indeginous person either. When people won't accept a part of your heritage your identity suffers.
                    2. Cultural Revitalization
                      1. Definition: Bringing back a culture/way of life that is fading away/gone, promoting cultures.
                        1. Connection: This is a very important thing to do, culture is a big part of our identity and bringing cultures, all around the world, that are fading away back, is giving people the chance to still be who they are and live the way they have been living. Western culture had spread across the globe so fast and such a strong hold that minority cultures don't have a vhance to adapt and quicklu lose
                          1. Example: One example of culture revitalization is when the MNA, Métis Nation of Alberta, in the 1920’s was created to support and promote Métis culture that was fading away. Another example is what an organization called PRCF is doing. The PRCF is trying to revive the weaving cultural arts of the Dayak people in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
                          2. Homogenization
                            1. Definition: Becoming uniform or the same.
                              1. Connection: This is a real concern for many cultures all over the globe. Homogenization causes a loss in individual identity, it causes a loss in different traditions, customs, and cultures. Along with the loss of traditions and culture, homogenization also reduces the chance of success and new inventions, If everyone dresses the same, watches the same things, eat the same food, believe in the same things, then they are going to think alike and when everyone thinks the same nothing new gets created because inventions are made when a person thinks differently and looks outside the norm.
                                1. Example: The biggest example of this is the spreading of western culture, all around the globe, people watch hollywood movies, listen to american music, dress in jeans and a shirt, eat burgers, speak English, the western way of life. As a result people are losing a bit of their heritage every time they adopt a western quality.
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