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Basic Ideas of the Constitution


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Basic Ideas of the Constitution
  1. The Preamble
    1. Summarizes the aims and objectives of the Constitution
      1. First line : 'We, The People of India',
        1. Last line : 'adopt, enact and give to ourselves thus Constitution',
          1. Suggests that power lies in the hands of the people
            1. States that a citizen plays a more important role than a monarchy of kings or queens.
              1. It was on behalf of the people of India that the members of the constituent Assembly framed the Constitution
                1. Most Precious part, the soul, the key and the jewel set, of the Constitution
                2. Basic Start
                  1. Still reeling under problems
                    1. Achieved independence on 15th August 1947
                      1. A large section still lives under the poverty line
                        1. Many other social and economic problems are obstacles in India
                          1. The constitution was able to tackle these problems in due course by providing equality and justice
                          2. Nature of the State
                            1. Socialist
                              1. The word 'Socialist' was added to the Preamble by the 42nd Amendment Act in 1976
                                1. Aimed to established a society based on ecological and social equality
                                  1. Aimed to raise the standard of living especially in weaker sections of society.
                                  2. Secular
                                    1. The word 'Secular' was added to the Preamble by the 42nd Amendment Act in 1976
                                      1. It implies that there is no official or state religion in India
                                        1. People can practice any religion.
                                          1. The government will never discriminate against any citizen on the basis of their religion
                                            1. People of all religions are equal in the eyes of law
                                          2. Sovereign
                                            1. The Preamble states that India is a 'Sovereign State'
                                              1. Free to take it's own decisions is internal and external matters.
                                                1. No country or individual can interfere with its internal affairs.
                                                  1. Free to take its own stand in world issues unlike under the British Raj
                                                  2. Democratic
                                                    1. 'Democratic' implies that the the supreme power lies in the hands of the people
                                                      1. It says that the government was formed by the will of the people
                                                        1. People elect their representatives, who in turn form the government
                                                        2. Republic
                                                          1. A state which has an elected head
                                                            1. India became a republic in 1950
                                                              1. In India, the head of the state is the President
                                                                1. The post is hereditary
                                                              2. Features
                                                                1. Written Constitution (unlike the British Constitution)
                                                                  1. Single Citizenship which means that a citizen may belong to any state but is always a citizen of India
                                                                    1. The constitution is a blend of Rigidity and Flexibility
                                                                      1. The constitution provides for a Federal Form of Government meaning that laws are applied only within the state and they are made by the Central government.
                                                                        1. The constitution provides for a parliamentary government meaning that the government is run by the PM and the members of the Council of Ministers. The President is the nominal head.
                                                                          1. Through certain provisions, the Constitution has tried to establish a welfare policy for the people
                                                                          2. Amendment
                                                                            1. The constitution has been amended 93 times till 2003. The last one is the 93rd Amendment
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