Media and Society Audiences Part 1

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Mind map on audience with George and Shelly, part 1

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Media and Society Audiences Part 1
  1. AUDIENCES 5/10/2015
    1. Evolution of the audience
      1. Greek Era
        1. Audiences were male
          1. Intellectual debate
            1. Contributed to demographic society
              1. Rational thinking
              2. 19th Century
                1. Audience considered angry mob/crowd - potentially dangerous
                  1. New idea came around time of media/press
                    1. Considered to be lower class
                      1. About classes - middle class saw lower class as angry/aggressive
                      2. Passive Spectartorship
                        1. Intro of film
                          1. Consume/absorb whatever is said/shown to them.
                        2. Constructinism
                          1. Looks at how an audience can be impacted upon
                            1. Does the position of an audience member impact what they take from the media image etc?
                              1. Idea that the audience 'construct' their own opinions etc based on what they have seen as well as own experience etc.
                              2. Media views on audience
                                1. Audience as Outcome
                                  1. How media acts upon them
                                    1. Audience's behaviour is outcome of the media
                                    2. Audience as a mass
                                      1. Media treats audience as one mass
                                        1. Doesn't acknowledge differences of aud
                                          1. Much more complex than this
                                        2. Audience as an Agent
                                          1. Aud work with media to chose what they are influenced by
                                            1. We are more active/interactive with media
                                          2. Mass Audience
                                            1. Anonymous individuals are receiving a particular message from a form of media
                                              1. All engage for different reasons
                                                1. Not acknowledging any differences in aud
                                                2. Homogeneous
                                                  1. All the same opinions, needs etc.
                                                    1. Belief whole audience will react in the same way
                                                      1. Idea that media is problematic
                                                    2. A large audience e.g. Superbowl
                                                      1. Mainstream/Broadcasting
                                                        1. Oppose to narrowcasting
                                                          1. BBC News, broadsheet papers
                                                        2. Fragment audiences
                                                          1. Multiple audiences instead of just audience
                                                            1. Different audiences engage in different media
                                                            2. Fragmented audience means fragmented media
                                                              1. Became more developed thanks to development of media, technology and products to display media
                                                                1. Audience's attention is split between multiple resources
                                                                  1. Media was more powerful as only one outlet at once
                                                                    1. Radio and TV until 1928, got 3 channels in 1964 then channel 4 in 80's
                                                                    2. Articles/news discussed across social media platforms - loads more competition/challenges
                                                                  2. Idea that audience isn't one lump
                                                                    1. Don't all share same experience
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