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mind map notes about microwave tips

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  1. Advantages
    1. warms up leftovers
      1. Defrosts Meat
        1. Softens brown sugar
          1. Freshens Snacks and Chips
            1. Eliminates extra oils and fats
              1. Has impacted today's lifestyles and cooking habits
                1. cooks food quickly with higher quality
                  1. tastes better, looks better, color enhanced
          2. Plumps Raisins
      2. Acceptable Dishes
        1. paper
          1. plastic
            1. glass
              1. microwaveable dishes
        2. Unacceptable Dishes
          1. metal
            1. dishes with gold or silver
          2. Acceptable Conerings
            1. paper towels
              1. wax paper
                1. plastic wrap
            2. DO NOT MICROWAVE
              1. eggs in shells
                1. pancakes
                  1. popcorn
                    1. canned foods
                      1. deep fried foods
                        1. large amounts
              2. Techniques
                1. Stirring
                  1. Turning over
                    1. Standing Time
                      1. Shielding
                        1. Covering
                          1. Arrange in circular shape
                            1. Rotating
                              1. Pricking
                                1. Select foods of the same size
                2. TIPS
                  1. use potholders
                    1. turn dishes several times
                      1. Stir while cooking
                        1. Pierce foods with a skin
                          1. use less than 100% power when cooking cheese
                            1. use sauces,
                              1. Use this for quicker and more efficient meals
                                1. thickest parts should be facing the side of the oven
                                  1. Use microwave safe dishes such as glass, ceramic, or plastic
                                    1. use paper towels, plastic wrap and wax paper to cover and reduce splatters
                                      1. remove food beofre it's done cooking and let stand to finish cooking
                                        1. larger food= longer cooking
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