Microwave Oven

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mindmap about how to use a microwave oven

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Microwave Oven
1 Magnetron
1.1 Magnetron (An electron vacuum tube.
1.1.1 Pass through paper, plastic or paper. Energy in a microwave is uneven
1.2 Stirrer.
1.3 Heat
1.3.1 A microwave oven has no heating element. because of this allows you to use paper and plastic. heat is inside food so food does not stop cooking. The more food your cooking the less energy there is for each item to absorb. foods cook quickly. It is quicker to cook things like rice or noodles in a microwave oven.
2 Rearrange some parts of the oven may have more energy
2.1 Microwaves penetrate food only 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches.
2.1.1 Microwaves bounce off the sides of the oven. Use potholders to avoid burns. dishes in microwaves do get warm. Bring food to the center of the table. turn dishes several times Arrange food so the thickest parts are toward the side of the oven
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