Cooking Methods

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Cooking Methods
  1. Dry Heat
    1. Food should be tenderized or moisture added
      1. Barding: strips of fat wrapped around food. Usually lean meats.
        1. Larding: Inserting long strips of fat into lean meat with needle
          1. Marinating: Soak item in wet & dry ingredients (moisture & flavor)
          2. Methods without fat
            1. Broiling
              1. Uses high heat from source above food to cook quickly.
              2. Grilling
                1. Food is cooked on grill grate or rack with heat source below.
                  1. highly flavorful
                2. Roasting
                  1. Baking
                    1. Cook food with hot, dry heat in the oven
                  2. Methods with fat & oil
                    1. Sautéing
                      1. Cooks quickly, high amount of fat over moderately high heat
                        1. Best for thinner cut meals, fish & vegetables
                      2. Pan-frying
                        1. Small amount of fat, less heat than other options. Typically food is coated w/ batter or breading before cooking.
                        2. Stir-frying
                          1. High heat, small amount of fat. Food cut small & stirred quickly.
                          2. Deep-frying
                            1. Battered food submerged in hot oil
                        3. Moist Heat
                          1. Boiling
                            1. 212 degrees Fahrenheit water, only good for some foods (ex:pasta), food looses some nutrients
                            2. Simmering
                              1. Food completely submerged in liquid at constant moderate temperature
                              2. Poaching
                                1. 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit water. Good for eggs, chicken, & seafood
                                2. Blanching
                                  1. Variation of boiling, common for vegetables
                                  2. Steaming
                                    1. Surrounds food with steam, food cooks through direct contact
                                    2. Delicatley flavored & moist. Offers healithier alternative to some dry heat methods
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