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Cooking for Healthy Living Microwave Notes
Mind Map by savannahpheanis, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by savannahpheanis over 6 years ago

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  1. Unacceptable dishes
    1. Metal
      1. Dishes with silver/gold
      2. Acceptable dishes
        1. Paper
          1. Plastic
            1. Glass
              1. Microwavable dishes
              2. Acceptable coverings
                1. 1.Paper Towels
                  1. absorb moisture, spatters & spills
                  2. 2. Wax Paper
                    1. holds in some of the moisture
                    2. 3. Plastic Wrap
                      1. hold in moisture
                    3. Foods that should not be microwaved
                      1. Eggs in shells, pancakes, popcorn (w/o fat), canning foods, deep-fry foods, large amounts of food
                      2. Techniques for Microwaving
                        1. Stirring
                          1. Turning Over
                            1. Standing Time
                              1. Sheilding
                                1. Covering
                                  1. Arrange food in circle
                                    1. Rotating
                                      1. Pricking
                                        1. Select foods the same size
                                        2. Cooking Tips
                                          1. never put metal in microwave, cover food
                                            1. Volume of food increases cook & stand time
                                              1. Round containers cook more evenly, stir while cooking
                                            2. Food still cooking in standing time
                                              1. Prevent burning: hot container, piece with fork, lifting cover can cause burn, careful of steam
                                            3. Cooking Hints
                                              1. cook time is less for food at room temp
                                                1. Density affects cook time
                                                  1. boney chicken on outside
                                                    1. enter food by outside edges
                                                    2. Advantages
                                                      1. Warms up leftovers (faster, retains nutrients, tastes better)
                                                        1. Defrosts meat (turn food, separate, large items stand, use immediately)
                                                          1. Soften brown sugar, plump raisins, freshen snacks & chips, eliminates extra oils & fats
                                                          2. How it Works
                                                            1. Magnetron: produces microwaves
                                                              1. Molecules in food vibrate, causing heat
                                                                1. Use potholders
                                                                  1. Microwaves bounce off sides of oven
                                                                    1. Food doesn't stop cooking when removed
                                                                      1. Allow standing time to finish cooking
                                                                        1. Use both microwave oven & stove for best meal prep
                                                                          1. Some foods don't cook well in microwave
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